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Occupy needs to focus on electoral reform


Over the last few weeks, I have read many letters and columns on the Occupy protesters. A common thread is the question of what can realistica­lly be achieved by such a movement.

I would propose two basic first goals that, if achieved, would then lead to eventually achieving all the other goals that have been spoken of.

First, get the 99 per cent out to vote in every election.

Second, work for the adoption of a proportion­al representa­tion voting system. No government, right or left, should be given 100 per cent of the power with 40 or 45 per cent support of the electorate.

With a minimum vote threshold (five per cent is common), a good system of proportion­al representa­tion ensures ultra fringe parties are not holding undue influence, while two or three parties typically create stable minority coalitions, resulting in consultati­on, hybridizat­ion of ideas and moderation. I’ve just joined Fair Voting B.C. online and invite others to do the same. Murray Gudmundson Victoria

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