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Judge won’t rule on Que. constructi­on documents


MONTREAL — Companies owned by constructi­on magnate Antonio Accurso were thwarted in their efforts to prevent Revenue Quebec from getting its hands on documents seized during a federal investigat­ion for tax evasion.

Superior Court Justice Fraser Martin told the companies’ lawyers he would not rule on a motion to quash the search warrant Revenue Quebec used to seize documents until appeals of earlier decisions are settled.

The Quebec Court of Appeal is to rule on a lower court decision that prevents the provincial tax department from accessing documents seized during a Canada Revenue investigat­ion.

Constructi­ons Louisbourg Ltd., and SimardBeau­dry Constructi­on Inc. pleaded guilty last year to tax evasion as a result of the CRA probe.

The companies were fined for using fake invoices. The documents were seized from their offices.

When Revenue Quebec lost its bid to get the documents from its federal counterpar­t, it got its own search warrant.

The constructi­on companies asked the court for a sealing order on the documents but were refused by Quebec Superior Court and the Quebec Court of Appeal.

The companies have asked the Supreme Court of Canada for permission to appeal that decision.

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