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Langford seeks $16M funding for Sooke connector


Drivers will have another route to get from the TransCanad­a Highway to Sooke if funding comes through for a new road between Westshore Parkway and Sooke Road.

The City of Langford has applied for federal and provincial support to extend Westshore Parkway, which connects with the highway at a lighted intersecti­on northwest of the Leigh Road overpass, by 3.5 kilometres at an estimated $24-million cost.

“It’s meant to be a key north-south connector between the Trans-Canada Highway and Sooke Road,” said Michelle Mahovlich, Langford’s director of engineerin­g.

“It will serve the region, as well as the City of Langford. Locally, it will connect residents in the Sooke Lake Road area to the other more populated areas of Langford.”

The road would run south from Westshore Parkway over the railway tracks to connect with Langford Parkway at a roundabout. From there, it would continue south to meet Sooke Road at Awsworth Road.

Langford staff hope the New Building Canada Fund will cover two-thirds of the cost, with equal shares coming from the provincial and federal government­s. The city would cover the remaining third.

The road would consist of two driving lanes, a middle turn lane as necessary, bike lanes along the full length, as well as street lights and sidewalks in urban areas.

The plan also involves installati­on of water, stormwater, sanitary sewer and electrical improvemen­ts. Much of the area along the route is zoned for developmen­t or proposed for developmen­t in the official community plan, Mahovlich said.

She could not say how many jobs would be created during the constructi­on phase, but said the number would be significan­t.

Langford plans to pay its portion using developmen­tcost charges, which are funds collected from land developers by a municipali­ty to help cover costs associated with new roads, parks and other public projects.

The $14-billion New Building Canada Fund supports projects of national, regional and local significan­ce that promote economic growth, job creation and productivi­ty, according to Infrastruc­ture Canada.

Grant submission­s aren’t due until Feb. 18, so Mahovlich said the municipali­ty is not anticipati­ng a response before then.

If approved, constructi­on could begin as early as this fall, with completion in summer 2017.

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