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Money for military could be better spent


Re: “Funding woes sap military: Sajjan,” May 4. “Questions swirl,” indeed. Should we agree to our belligeren­t southern neighbour’s demand that we spend two per cent of gross domestic product on Canada’s military? To counter what threat?

The money would be better spent addressing the fentanyl deaths on our streets, or fixing the metastasiz­ing housing crisis or providing potable water to our First Nations.

Here’s a money-saving suggestion for the defence minister. Maybe we shouldn’t mount more disastrous attacks such as those on Libya or Afghanista­n. Neither should we menace Russia (a country of 144 million with a GDP that, at $1.4 trillion, is less than Italy’s), on the prepostero­us pretext that it might invade NATO nations (population 604 million, GDP $18.3 trillion).

It’s U.S. invasion the world should fear — at least 33 since 1945. And counting, apparently. Lend no support to their apparent bid for world domination. Canadians, including those in uniform, have higher aspiration­s.

Victorians can learn more at the upcoming B.C. Provincial Peace and Disarmamen­t Summit May 12-13 at the University of Victoria. Martin Gavin Member, Vancouver Island Peace and Disarmamen­t Network Victoria

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