New high­way not so­lu­tion for Mala­hat

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Re: “B.C. looks at ways to end Mala­hat de­lays,” Jan. 10. The Mala­hat does not cause peo­ple to have ac­ci­dents. Peo­ple cause the ac­ci­dents on the Mala­hat. To re­form the Mala­hat — or worse, ram through a new high­way — is ex­pen­sive and fu­tile. Educated peo­ple and curb­ing/redi­rect­ing growth are what’s needed.

Education is like a coin. Re­wards help peo­ple learn.

Good grades and suc­cess are on one side. Bad grades and fail­ure is the ob­verse.

Past gov­ern­ments em­bod­ied the ide­ol­ogy il­lus­trated by pam­per­ing par­ents. “You can’t say No.” No red ink, no tests, pan­der to self-cen­tred­ness. So po­lice de­part­ments’ bud­gets were cut and po­lice redi­rected to pa­per­work. The neg­a­tive re­wards for neg­a­tive driv­ing were erased.

So now, we save mil­lions ren­der­ing many po­lice “re­dun­dant,” but spend bil­lions try­ing to make the in­fra­struc­ture fool­proof. Rid our­selves of fool­ish­ness in­stead. A proper education is much cheaper and bet­ter in the long run.

Our ideas are out of date. Why is traf­fic com­ing, go­ing and grow­ing? Two rea­sons: The jobs and (mega) shops are south, but af­ford­able hous­ing and qual­ity of life are north.

If peo­ple are liv­ing north, but work and shop south and if you can’t get the peo­ple to the jobs and shops, take the jobs and (local, smaller) shops to the peo­ple. Sim­ple. Prob­lems elim­i­nated. Fig­ure out how.

We’ve got a cou­ple decades to do it. Hasn’t the aver­sion to un­lim­ited growth hit home yet? Stop the mad­ness. We need fresh, long-term think­ing and ac­tion. Dean Helm Vic­to­ria

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