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Revamped mask policy covers bus stops


B.C. Transit riders already required to wear masks aboard buses are now being ordered to use face coverings while waiting at covered bus stops. “To ensure everyone’s safety and compliance with the new order, we are asking everyone to wear a face covering for your entire transit journey,” B.C. Transit said Friday in a statement.

The agency said its exemption list is being adjusted to align with the most recent orders from the province.

These include:

• People with health conditions or with physical, cognitive or mental impairment­s who cannot wear one

• People who cannot remove a mask on their own

• Children under the age of 12

Transit operators working alone behind a full driver door or vinyl panel are also exempt from wearing a face mask.

A face shield will no longer be considered acceptable as a face covering as it has an opening below the mouth, B.C. Transit said.

Under the provincial order, B.C. Transit supervisor­s and managers will now have authority to enforce compliance with the assistance of local authoritie­s, if necessary. The province is issuing $230 fines for those who don’t comply.

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