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Canada does little to protect women


Re: “‘Orange the world’: End violence against women and girls,” commentary, Nov. 26.

Thanks to Anne Moon for her excellent op-ed on femicide and the informatio­n about the UN’s current campaign against intimate-partner violence.

Femicide exists as a global phenomenon not only because men believe they are entitled to assault and even murder women but also because, all too often, our patriarcha­l cultures let them get away with it.

Even when women are brave enough to come forward and report abuse, the law does little to protect them.

A friend and her daughter have recently had to flee to another province on the advice of police because the cops can’t guarantee that the daughter’s husband, a known criminal, won’t murder them.

Why should Canadian women have any faith in our “justice” system?

And of course, the plight of women and girls in the more rabidly misogynist countries is far worse.

If our legislator­s won’t act, individual men will have to grow up and take responsibi­lity for their actions. I’m not holding my breath.

Hilary Knight Oak Bay

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