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Cooking with VRS Communitie­s


By Sean Greenlay, Culinary Specialist at VRS Communitie­s, which owns and operates Ross Place Seniors Community in Victoria and Lakeside Gardens Seniors Community in Nanaimo.

While I have found this to be true everywhere, it is especially true in VRS retirement communitie­s when you speak to our residents, the conversati­on will often involve food! We believe this is a direct result of our culinary teams, who strive to make the residents feel excited about dining.

One way our chefs help keep residents excited about their food is by listening. Chefs regularly attend VRS town hall meetings, where they get input on what the residents would like to see and eat. A lot of our residents are very knowledgea­ble about cooking, and we invite them to share their family recipes (recipes that are sometimes beautifull­y creative and complex!) so that we can make VRS feel a little more like home.

Another way we keep our meals top notch and creative is by participat­ing in a friendly culinary showdown every month! Chefs present their best dishes, often beautifull­y and artfully plated, to all VRS staff for judging. Aside from making our staff very hungry, this has also brought our chefs from all over BC and Alberta closer together. They have begun to share recipes, borrow ideas for improving service, and push each other to get better.

Our culinary team brings a wealth of different experience­s. We have chefs with decades of hotel experience, some with fine dining experience, and a couple of them have even been featured in local Fusion Festivals. No matter what the experience, one thing is the same; we adhere to one main philosophy: make each dish as if you were serving it to the people you care for the most.

Our chefs take great pride in their work, genuinely care for the well-being and happiness of their communitie­s, and do their best to ensure that your loved ones are happy, healthy and well fed. For more informatio­n visit vrs. org/seniors-communitie­s/

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 ?? ?? Someone more eloquent than me
once said: “the kitchen is the heart
of the home.”
Someone more eloquent than me once said: “the kitchen is the heart of the home.”

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