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Records HD video through a tiny lens above the pocket clip. Plus, it func­tions as an ac­tual pen, for plau­si­ble de­ni­a­bil­ity

uSB aDaPTer

Looks and func­tions just like one of Ap­ple’s ubiq­ui­tous wall adapters. Its cam­era is mo­tion ac­ti­vated, so the de­vice can be left unat­tended for long pe­ri­ods of time


A thick frame con­ceals a tiny cam­era in the bridge that’s ca­pa­ble of record­ing in HD

Snake caM­era

Has le­git­i­mate uses for plumb­ing and ap­pli­ance re­pairs but can eas­ily be abused for sur­rep­ti­tious record­ing. Some mod­els use Wi-Fi to stream video di­rectly to smart de­vices


Some are as small as shirt but­tons, mak­ing them easy to hide. Able to stream Wi-Fi con­tin­u­ously when con­nected to an ex­ter­nal an­tenna and power source

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