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What you loved and loathed last month


Our June cover package on the mad rush for a lakeside property generated much debate—about overpaying, underthink­ing, and just how far people will go to get what they want.

“When the city reopens and rates go up due to inflation you’ll get cottages a lot cheaper. Those who bought now on impulse will feel the pain.”

—Darryl Martin, Facebook

“Great story of people working hard, enjoying life and doing right by their family…with a little luck thrown in for good measure.”

—Tom Weihmayr, Facebook

“I have mixed emotions when I see stuff like this. On one hand, it’s great for the families that cash out. On the other, it fills my soul with a desperate feeling regarding ever-soaring home prices, and how there seems to be no way to catch up short of being born wealthy or pure luck.”

—Jason Dickson, Facebook

“If someone offered me 2.6 mil for the house in the pic, I would have jerked that money out of their hand so fast they might have lost a few fingers. You can buy an amazing, luxurious home on the Gulf Coast for that price and not have to deal with freezing snow in the winter.”

—Spencer Keith Sprinkle, Facebook

“Sounds like Muskoka is being turned into just another congested suburb but with better views.”

—Justin Groen, Facebook

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