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A penny-bypenny reckoning of the month in money

An appraisal of the month in money



Original purchase price for a painting by David Bowie, “DHead XLVI,” discovered at a thrift store near North Bay. The piece, which was created in the ’90s, just sold at auction for $108,120.


Hourly price to rent a 60th-storey downtown condo balcony for photo shoots. The owner, Ryan Alrushud, had to shut down his side hustle after complaints from building management.


New fine for illegal parking at Sandbanks and Lake on the Mountain Provincial Park in Prince Edward County. The County upped the penalty from $35 to deter city slickers, among other tourists, from overcrowdi­ng the area this summer.


Fine issued to a Toronto woman who walked across the border into Canada at Niagara Falls with an invalid Covid-19 test. She presented authoritie­s with a negative result from Mexico, but according to the Public Health Agency of Canada, travellers entering the country on foot must get swabbed in the States.


Amount that Oshawa couple Robert and Senna Laraby scammed from two elderly churchgoer­s. The Larabys, who recently pleaded guilty to several fraud charges, falsely claimed they needed the money to cover medical expenses for their children.


Sale price for Toronto’s “Skinny House,” a four-storey detached in Riverdale that’s about 10 feet wide. The place first hit the market back in 2018 for roughly $3 million.


Estimated street value of drugs seized by Toronto Police as part of Project Brisa, which investigat­ed smugglers using hidden compartmen­ts in tractor-trailers to transport cocaine, meth, marijuana and oxycodone from Mexico to Canada.


Cost of 60 new electric streetcars, purchased by the city after a unanimous vote from council members. The vehicles are expected to arrive in 2023.

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