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A family of four upsize for $1.5 million in Guildwood

This family wanted to upsize while staying in the same neighbourh­ood

- by ali amad

THE BUYERS: Simon Hewett, 46, a City of Toronto supervisor; Laura Geary, 44, a TDSB high school teacher; and their daughters Hannah, 13, and Louise, 9.

THE STORY: In early 2020, the family lived in a three-bed, two-bath detached in Guildwood. During the pandemic, with on-again-off-again lockdowns, their 1,600-square-foot house felt cramped, and they craved more space but wanted to stay in the same neighbourh­ood, where the girls were enrolled in school. In April, they set a $1.6-million budget and started to look for a four-bed detached nearby. On their wish list: a spare room they could use as an office for Simon and Laura, who’d been intermitte­ntly working from home; plus a backyard pool for the kids, especially Hannah, who’s a competitiv­e water polo player.

OPTION 1 PEPPER TREE DRIVE near Centennial and Lawrence

Listed at $1,099,000

Sold for $1,350,000

In mid-April, Simon and Laura came across this four-bed, four-bath detached in Centennial, a 10-minute drive from their Guildwood home. The two-storey house had a charming red-brick façade. Inside, there was 2,300 square feet of living space and a finished basement with room for an office. Check and check. On the downside, it didn’t have a pool, but they were willing to forgo that for the location. Before the couple could enter an offer, however, the sellers accepted a bully bid of $251,000 over asking. Simon and Laura moved their search farther east.

OPTION 2 GREYBEAVER TRAIL near Port Union and Lawrence

Listed at $1,300,000

Sold for $1,550,000

The following week, the couple viewed this four-bed, four-bath detached in Rouge, a 15-minute drive from Guildwood. The red-brick house had a gabled roof and a two-car garage. There was a pool and a hot tub in the backyard, but the family wouldn’t have much privacy while using them because of low fences and a lack of tree cover. There was loads of space inside; in fact, a little too much. At 3,000 square feet across two storeys, with two living rooms, two dining rooms and a den, they felt it was too much house. The family moved on without making an offer.

THE BUY NAVARRE CRESCENT near Galloway and Guildwood

Listed at $1,299,000

Sold for $1,538,000

In mid-May, Simon and Laura found this four-bed, four-bath detached in Guildwood, only a 10-minute walk from their home. The place had an interestin­g mansard roof, with seven front-facing windows. On it had the all inside, the extra at 2,600 space square they needed, feet, as well as a spare room they could easily convert into an office. And finally, there was a pool at the side of the house. On May 19, after a swift bidding war, the couple closed the deal with an offer of $239,000 over asking. They take possession in September.

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