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remember when food trucks were a thing but then the city put the squeeze on them? Well, this summer is their time to shine—red tape pending, of course. This new, pastel-hued diner on wheels (its name is Gerty, by the way) is from a couple of folks who were working at SoSo Food Club when the pandemic hit, and then found a safe place to park Gerty near Yonge and Eg. Bonus: there are even a few picnic tables with umbrellas, so you don’t need to find a curb to crouch on. Pay them a visit from Wednesday to Sunday for smash burgers, fried chicken, fully loaded Fries Supreme (think Taco Bell but way better), sugary sprinkle doughnuts and more. 2444 Yonge St., Instagram: @homeapplia­ncesfoodco

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