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Hot-offthe-grill jerk chicken


curbside cooking, the now-familiar and welcome pivot of choice for many restaurant­s, is nothing new to a crew of three neighbouri­ng Little Jamaica mainstays. Hot Pot Restaurant (pictured), Rap’s and Spence’s have been manning barbecues on the sidewalk for years, sending mouth-watering plumes of charcoal smoke into the air. Each has its own loyalists, but folks in the know arrive later in the evening or in the earlymorni­ng hours for containers loaded with heaping portions of rice and peas, slaw and—the main attraction and source of all that smoke—saucy, fall-offthe-bone chicken straight from the grill. Spence’s Bakery, 1539 Eglinton Ave. W.; Rap’s, 1541 Eglinton Ave. W.; Hot Pot Restaurant, 1545 Eglinton Ave. W.

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