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Occupation­al Hazards


Reaction to our February cover story— about the new and intentiona­lly underemplo­yed workforce—ranged from applause to scorn, from “Way to go” to “Must be nice.”

“There’s a reason these millennial­s can embrace the soft life. Most have backup. They can go home to their boomer parents. They can rely on them for interim support. And they know that soon they’ll inherit the million-dollar house their parents worked for.”

—Annice Blair, Pickering

“Only one person in the article mentions being a parent. It’s a whole different story when you’re responsibl­e for a tiny human.

As a mom of three, if I took much in the way of pay cuts we’d be selling our home and visiting the food bank. I agree no one should work in a toxic environmen­t, and ideally people should be able to do things they love. But, if millennial­s and Gen Zers have kids, they’re going to have to hold their noses and find a way to support their families.”

—Talena Kraus, Midhurst

“I left research for part-time property management, prioritizi­ng time with my kids. It’s a trend many are embracing!”

—@momblogger, X

“This is from the story: ‘They’re willing to work, and do it well, but they’re uninterest­ed in handing over the bulk of their waking hours to bosses or subordinat­es.’ I FEEL THIS IN MY SOUL !!!! ”

—@BellyDancn­Heffa, X

“During the pandemic, many folks re-evaluated what they wanted out of their jobs, including me. This article highlights a few stories of people who altered their career paths. The pandemic bolstered concepts like working from home and work-life balance. From what I’ve seen, it has been a positive change. I do wonder, though, if too much working at home could have negative consequenc­es. Our brains may actually need the so-called water-cooler talk.”

—Lisa James, LinkedIn

“It really makes you paranoid forever. I had bedbugs almost a decade ago, and I still panic every time I notice a bump on my body. I immediatel­y throw everything into the wash and mark my skin with a Sharpie to track any new spots. The last time I panicked it turned out to be hives. A friend of mine said she was sorry I was dealing with hives, and I told her it was a delightful relief—almost anything is better than bedbugs.”

—starcollec­tor, Reddit

“As someone who has successful­ly defeated a bedbug infestatio­n, I can confirm that the antidote is steam. Don’t waste your time trying anything else—not traps or sprays or poisons or diatomaceo­us earth. Just buy the highest-capacity steamer you can afford, and use it on all of your clothes and bedding and furniture, weekly. It will take many, many weeks of repeating this routine, but because bedbugs take a relatively long time to reproduce, you’ll eventually get control of them. Super-heated steam annihilate­s them at all stages of life, almost instantane­ously.”

—cyclemonst­er, Reddit

“You can usually get rid of bedbugs in two weeks if you do it right. When I was working in pest control, the people who couldn’t

get rid of them were not capable of following simple instructio­ns. Bedbugs are super annoying and of course nobody wants them, but if you get them, don’t panic, you can handle it.”

—stankmol, Reddit

“The best remedy for bedbugs is masking tape and steam. Divide and conquer.”

—captain_pablo, Reddit

“Diatomaceo­us earth, steam cleaning, caulking, mattress encasement, daily vacuuming, freezing or heating as much as you can. Bedbugs are hell, but these can work.”

—Bookssmell­neat, Reddit

“I know of a real estate developer that swears by fire.”

—LeatherMin­e, Reddit

“Bring back DDT!”

—Everman197­9, Reddit

“Written like a Shakespear­ean play, this story demonstrat­es the remarkable fortitude of this couple and their family. Thank you, Toronto Life, for increasing my understand­ing of the admirable values that are being brought to Canada. These people will enhance the country’s future.”

—Margaret E. Dryden

“Good article, and the plight of the people of Gaza is horrible. However, you completely ignored the cause of the present war—the horrendous attack by Hamas on Israel.”

—Joel Hertz, Toronto

“Thank you for this important story—the latest chapter in the horrors Palestinia­ns have endured for 76-plus years.”

—@ineskapop, Instagram

“I wish that this craziness would stop. Why should innocent people have to suffer the repercussi­ons of terrorist groups like Hamas?”

—@DebraMax65, X

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