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Dad seeks slain son’s body parts

‘ I can’t rest until they’re found’ Joe Manchisi says Hopes to speak with police about possible location


A distraught father intends to search for the missing body parts of his son and his friend, who were murdered by serial killer Douglas Moore.

“ I can’t rest until they’re found,” Joe Manchisi said.

“ I won’t stop until my son’s parts are found and those of his friend . . . This means everything to me . . . I need to find those parts.” Manchisi’s son Giuseppe ( Joe), 20, of Milton, and his friend Robert Grewal, 22, of Mississaug­a were murdered by Moore on Nov. 12, 2003. Moore committed suicide in his jail cell on April 2, 2004 at Maplehurst Detention Centre.

Moore, a 36- year- old convicted pedophile, had dismembere­d the young men’s bodies and buried their torsos in separate areas south of Montreal, two days after killing them in the garage of his Copenhagen Rd. townhome in Mississaug­a.

Their torsos were later discovered, but Moore buried their heads and hands in a different location, possibly near Cornwall. Manchisi said he hopes to speak with Peel police this week.

“ I hope they will be able to give me an idea of where they believe the rest of the body parts are buried,” Manchisi, 52, said. “ Then I’ll get a team together and we’ll go searching.

“ I don’t care what it takes. If I have to hire a helicopter or use infrared cameras, I need to do whatever I have to do. We have to do this before the snow falls.”

Earlier this summer, Manchisi, based on informatio­n given to him by a psychic, searched a farm near Crystal Motor Speedway near Grand Rapids, Mich.

“ I had sold a house to her and she said she had this vision about my son’s remains being buried near a barn near a race track and she saw the name Crystal,” said Manchisi, a Milton realtor. Manchisi’s wife Christine searched the Internet and found there was a track named Crystal.

“ The barn was exactly like in her vision, but I couldn’t find anything,” Manchisi said. “I know it didn’t make sense for him to take the body parts across the border but I had to see for myself.” A 16- year- old, who was convicted of helping Moore get rid of the bodies, had told a court that he and Moore used to go to car races.

Peel police last year took Manchisi to the site where municipal workers discovered his son’s remains on April 27, 2004 in a park along the St. Lawrence Seaway in Quebec. He has also been to the wooded area outside of the town of Ville Mercier, where loggers found Grewal’s remains on Nov. 15, 2003. The 16- year- old, convicted of accessory after the fact to murder, testified in court that he was with Moore when they dug separate holes near train tracks and buried the slain men’s heads and hands. But he never revealed the location, telling investigat­ors he didn’t know the burial site.

Police believe the remaining body parts were placed in a shallow grave somewhere in the Cornwall area. The teenager, whose identity remains a secret to the public under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, is currently serving a six-month jail sentence in a youth facility. The teen, 14 at the time, told a court that Moore strangled one of the young men with a hockey skate lace and beat the other to death with a bat.

Manchisi refuses to believe the teen doesn’t know where the heads and hands were buried.

“ I was hoping he would tell police . . . he didn’t . . . But I’m convinced he knows,” Manchisi said.

 ?? RON BULL/TORONTO STAR FILE PHOTO ?? Joe Manchisi’s son Giuseppe and friend Robert Grewal were killed by Douglas Moore.
RON BULL/TORONTO STAR FILE PHOTO Joe Manchisi’s son Giuseppe and friend Robert Grewal were killed by Douglas Moore.

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