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Man jailed for ‘act of barbarism’

Former athlete hit prostitute with bottle Victim, 17, was kidnapped and raped


A judge has sentenced a contrite former high school athlete to 3 1⁄ years in

2 prison for what she called a “misogynist­ic act of barbarism.”

Todd Stoute, 22, and a pal were both impaired by alcohol and cocaine at a downtown Toronto nightclub early on a Saturday night in June 2004 when they hatched a plan to steal two-forthe-price-of-one sex from a prostitute, according to an agreed statement of facts.

After 3 a.m., the Aurora man approached a 17-year-old girl standing beside the road in the Carlton and Jarvis Sts. area. They agreed on a price for intercours­e and she climbed into his black sport utility vehicle, which had tinted windows.

His friend was hiding in the back, because the pair believed a sex worker would not agree to enter a vehicle containing two men.

According to their plan, they were going to surreptiti­ously steal the money Stoute paid her for sex, and then trick her by giving her back the same money if she agreed to have sex with the friend.

Stoute drove the vehicle to a nearby alley, where they had intercours­e. When they had finished, the prostitute realized her purse was missing and started arguing with Stoute.

He hit her twice on the head with a bottle, causing her to bleed heavily. Then she was pulled to the back of the truck, and her head was covered with a blanket, according to the agreed facts.

Stoute then drove the vehicle while his chum raped the teen. They went to Scarboroug­h where the two men left the young woman in a dumpster, taking her purse and cellphone so she could not contact anyone.

She later climbed from the dumpster and ran to a home and sought help. She was treated in hospital. DNA evidence linked Stoute to the attack.

At the time of Stoute’s arrest in August 2004, then-police chief Julian Fantino said he might never have been collared but for the fact that police had aDNA sample from a previous robbery.

On June 23 this year, he pleaded guilty to assault causing bodily harm, sexual assault and failing to comply with a probation order.

Stoute’s co-accused, Kevon McPhee, is still to stand trial in the case.

“I am truly sorry for what I have done,” Stoute told Justice Faye McWatt as family and friends looked on in Superior Court. “I accept the consequenc­es of my actions.” The former AA hockey

player, and high-school football and basketball player, told the judge he has learned from his mistakes and is determined to live a productive life.

Defence lawyer Nadia Liva asked for a two-year sentence. Stoute co-operated with police and will testify against his co-accused, Liva said.

“He has put his own life in danger,’’ she said, noting that he will have to serve his sentence in segregatio­n to protect him from inmate reprisals.

Crown prosecutor Elaine Strosberg asked for four years. McWatt credited Stoute with six months of prison time for his 16 months of house arrest while out on bail and the fact that he gave a full statement to police. She said he made “serious and tragic choices.”

She noted that the victim is profoundly traumatize­d. “It was nothing short of misogynist­ic barbarism,” McWatt said.

Outside court, Liva called the plan “stupid beyond belief, irresponsi­ble.”

“He is paying the price and will continue to do so.’’ She said the scheme spiralled into a “tragic occurrence affecting her, him and his family and now he has stepped up to the plate.’’

 ??  ?? Todd Bryce Stoute was sentenced to a 31⁄ year prison term for sexually assaulting a young prostitute in 2004.
Todd Bryce Stoute was sentenced to a 31⁄ year prison term for sexually assaulting a young prostitute in 2004.

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