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Western U.S. ravaged by snow, rain, ice


FERNLEY, NEV.— Homes sat in as much as 2.4 metres of water yesterday following a canal rupture as freezing weather spread sheets of ice over yards and streets, hindering efforts to get the water to drain away. As many as 400 homes were damaged when the canal’s bank gave way following heavy rainfall produced by the West Coast storm system that had piled snow up to 3.3 metres deep in the Sierra Nevada. Thousands of customers had been blacked out in three states and many of them in California could remain in the dark for days because the storm ripped down nearly 800 kilometres of power lines, utility officials said yesterday. Six snowmobile­rs and two skiers were reported missing in heavy snow in the mountains of southern Colorado, and one hiker was missing in snow-covered mountains in Southern California. At least three deaths were blamed on the storm. As much as 90 centimetre­s more snow could hit higher elevations of the Sierras by tomorrow evening, the National Weather Service said. Associated Press

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