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Lights on, lights off — issues persist

Illuminati­on problems reported months ago


Making street lights turn on and off is not exactly rocket science, so why are some so hard to fix? The lights on the Leaside Bridge, which crosses over the Don Valley Parkway on Millwood Rd., are a fine example of ones that seem to defy all attempts to make them shut off when they’re supposed to. On Dec. 12, part of our story was about how the lights on the north side of the bridge had for months been on throughout the day, a prickly problem for readers who are serious about energy conservati­on and think the local government should be too, since it is constantly exhorting the rest of us to cut back on electrical consumptio­n. Over the past couple of years, we’ve received numerous complaints from readers about the bridge’s lights being on during the day.

We passed along the most recent complaint to Toronto Hydro, which is responsibl­e for all street lighting. Within a few days of the story we were told it was fixed, and reported it in a subsequent column.

So we were disappoint­ed to get a phone call from a reader last week, saying that within a few days of reporting that the lights were functionin­g properly, they were back on again during the day.

On Nov. 24, our story was about darkness along the sidewalks in the underpass beneath the train trestle that crosses Avenue Rd., near MacPherson Ave. Robert Hope had emailed us to say there used to be lights, but they were taken away nearly a year earlier — when wire mesh was installed to keep pigeons from roosting in the underpass — and had yet to be replaced.

We reported the problem to Toronto Hydro and were told new lights would be installed right away. Hope emailed again in early December, confirming the new lights were in place, but not yet working.

Hope got in touch with us again last week, saying the new lights in the underpass are still not working. STATUS: We reported both problems to Denise Attallah, who deals with media for Toronto Hydro. We’ll let you know what she says. What’s broken in your neighbourh­ood? Wherever you are in Greater Toronto, we want to know. To email us, go to and click on the submit a problem link. Or call us at 416-869-4823.

 ??  ?? Streetligh­ts on the Leaside Bridge are once again burning during the day.
Streetligh­ts on the Leaside Bridge are once again burning during the day.

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