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If you had to choose . . . 1Would you rather (A) pursue your dreams but struggle financiall­y your whole life or (B) always be working at a job that doesn’t fulfil your soul but be incredibly rich? 1Would you rather (A) always be in excellent health but never meet the person of your dreams or (B) have irritating health problems your entire life (nothing life-threatenin­g) but find true love? 1Would you rather (A) be famous but die at 58 or (B) always be anonymous but live until 98? 1Would you rather (A) be incredibly successful and enjoy the “good life” at 25 but lose it all at 40 and struggle the remainder of your life or (B) struggle financiall­y in your younger years but hit it big at 45 and enjoy success until you die? 1Would you rather (A) go with aliens to their planet where they guarantee you true love, but you have to go alone and can never return to Earth or (B) stay on Earth with the probabilit­y that you’ll never find your soulmate?

You have the chance to go back in time and correct any major mistakes that you feel you have made in your life but there is a price: if you had to choose . . . would you rather (A) go back and correct your mistakes (you would retain your memory) but you have to go alone, could never return to the present and there is a chance that you may meet with other misfortune or (B) remain in the present and continue your life as is, “mistakes” and all? 1Would you rather (A) find your true love at 20 but he/she will die when you are 40 and you remain alone the rest of your life or (B) be alone until 50, when you find the person of your dream and stay with him/her until you die? 1Would you rather (A) experience falling in love several times in your life but it never works out so you’re often hurt and devastated or (B) never experience falling in love but never experience the pain of romantic loss and rejection?

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For more informatio­n, go to www. ifyouhadto­ Judy Gerstel

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