Toronto Star

Liberals forgot democracy

- Frances Walsh, Brighton, Ont.

Re Dion accused of snubbing Orchard

Jan. 5

So in Saskatchew­an, the province where the Liberals have but one lonely seat, they feel they can run roughshod over the local Liberal organizati­on in Desnethé-Missinippi-Churchill River and impose their own hand-picked candidate. Coincident­ally, David Orchard has been working hard for months to win the nomination in that riding and might have won it.

The Liberals, who got rid of Carolyn Parrish and Sheila Copps, are now so concerned about the dearth of ladies in the House of Commons that they just had to stop Orchard in his tracks and circumvent the democratic process by appointing a female to run. Who are they parachutin­g in? By golly, it’s Joan Beatty, who was just elected to the Saskatchew­an legislatur­e for the NDP and who’s now going to run in a federal by-election as a Liberal.

This fine, upstanding politician is unconcerne­d by the ethically dodgy move of leaving the electors high and dry just two months after they elected her, and stiffing them with the cost of a provincial by-election. An excellent fit with Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion’s ethically questionab­le move and shameful behaviour toward Orchard.

Is it any wonder so many people don’t bother to vote when this kind of behaviour carries the day, while local citizens and Orchard get shafted?

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