Toronto Star

No need to transfer Canadians out of Kenya

- Don Wilkinson, Stouffvill­e

Re Getting Canadians out is step No. 1

Letter, Jan. 5

Carolyn Virag hopes that “Ottawa is using all of its power” to get all Canadians out of Kenya. I hope she isn’t considerin­g another rescue mission, as it is certainly not justified. I have a 23-year-old daughter living just outside of Nairobi and attending university, and she has no intention of leaving and sees no reason to do so.

From her observatio­ns, tourists and white people aren’t being targeted, and the situation isn’t nearly as bad as the news media are portraying it. Kenyans are very angry and saddened at the way the world is comparing their problems to that of Rwanda, and rightfully so. Nearly a million people were massacred in Rwanda, and while any life taken is a tragedy, what happened in Rwanda hardly compares to the number who have died in Kenya.

Canadians in Kenya are safe there. Let’s not panic and rescue those who are not in need of rescuing.

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