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Worl­dome­ters: real time world sta­tis­tics (worl­dome­

Credit: Worl­dome­ters be­longs to Dadax, a pri­vate com­pany. The chief project co-or­di­na­tor is Sir Thomas­son. The man­ag­ing di­rec­tor is Peter Collins.

About: Run by “an in­ter­na­tional team of de­vel­op­ers, re­searchers and vol­un­teers,” Worl­dome­ters pre­sents a huge range of mostly volatile sta­tis­tics about the state of the real world, up­dat­ing in real time.

Ex­plore: Want to watch the world’s hu­man pop­u­la­tion in­crease, at the rate of three or four births per sec­ond? This is the place. Or you can gauge the num­ber of cars pro­duced this year com­pared with the num­ber of bikes. Or mea­sure the num­ber of Tweets sent so far to­day or the num­ber of Google searches con­ducted. Abor­tions this year? In­fant deaths this year? The num­bers mount, and mount, be­fore your eyes. Click on the me­ter for Cur­rent World Pop­u­la­tion and a wealth of additional in­for­ma­tion ap­pears.

Rat­ing: 7 . . . er, 8 . . . er, 9/10. The num­bers just keep ris­ing.

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