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We catch up with man who proposed on our front page,

From front-page proposal to classic wedding for couple reunited after years apart


On Valentine’s Day, Ben Rogul proposed to Emma Grosberg — in a video embedded on the Star’s front page.

She screamed when she recognized his hands holding out a ring in the photograph. She screamed again when he scanned the photo with his cellphone and the video played showing him on bended knee. Then she said yes.

Moments later, in the rosy aftermath, a Star reporter talked with the happy couple, cuddled together on the couch. Grosberg was laughing and smiling, and still stunned. Rogul seemed relieved.

Now,10 months later, Grosberg and Rogul are busy with the final details for their wedding on Jan.10. It will be a medium-sized, classic wedding, says the bride.

Will Rogul come up with another grand, romantic gesture at the wedding? “She has her guard up now,” says Rogul, 29, an account director with a staffing agency. “Maybe I’ll pull a trick out of my sleeve. Maybe.”

“I don’t need a marching band or flash mob at the wedding,” says Grosberg, 29, a fashion buyer. “The proposal was so crazy and amazing. It was the tops. We shouldn’t try to beat it.”

The Star had invited readers willing to propose via front-page video on Valentine’s Day to tell us their love story. Rogul wrote about meeting Grosberg in a Grade 8 production of Les Misérables. He had a crush on her, but she was the bubbly popular girl and he was a dorky teen. They were acquaintan­ces through high school then lost touch.

Last year, Grosberg organized a reunion of that Grade 8 cast after the Les Miz movie came out. And, just like in a rom-com movie script, the former dorky boy and popular girl fell in love.

With the Star’s assistance, he made a one-minute video showcasing their relationsh­ip and ended with his proposal: “I love you to the moon and back, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. So, Emma, will you marry me?”

Flight Centre provided the couple with a travel voucher, which will be used for their honeymoon trip to Peru.

The only down side to Rogul’s public display of love was some pushback from male buddies.

“A few friends who’ve been with girlfriend­s for awhile said, ‘You’re making us look bad,’ ” explains Rogul.

 ?? RENAISSANC­E STUDIOS ?? Ben Rogul and Emma Grosberg got engaged after he proposed with a video
embedded on the Star’s front page.
RENAISSANC­E STUDIOS Ben Rogul and Emma Grosberg got engaged after he proposed with a video embedded on the Star’s front page.
 ??  ??

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