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Two takes on police racism


Re Accusation­s of police racism are baseless, Opinion July 21 How refreshing to see that the Star has finally published a response to the ongoing accusation­s that the members of Toronto Police Services are racist. The majority of the citizens of Toronto are proud of our police force and grateful for the job they have done to keep Toronto one of the safest cities in North America.

The Star has been somewhat irresponsi­ble in its willingnes­s to print inflammato­ry articles by individual­s who themselves are biased based on isolated incidents.

Mike McCormack’s article is a well-documented factual account of the excellent job being done by our police force. To many of us, the past slogan “Toronto cops are tops” still applies. John Wright, Markham Mike McCormack’s blind defense of Toronto police officers is often troubling. I have known many police officers who are loyal, profession­al, courteous and I commend their public service. However, I differ with Mr. McCormack’s assertion that no racism exists within the police ranks. Racism and classism exist. Residents of Rosedale and Scarboroug­h don’t get the same service.

McCormack claims “all Toronto police officers receive extensive training on dealing with persons with mental health issues including de-escalation techniques.” But Andrew Loku was shot dead earlier this month in an incident with police that, according to his neighbour, lasted just a minute or two. I wonder what “extensive training” teaches one to shoot to kill in such a short frame of time.

The president of the Toronto Police Associatio­n should park his white privilege aside and form a reasonable voice for himself. Anything less, is foolish and short-sighted. Samuel Getachew, Toronto

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