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Anchors aweigh: Alan Carter and Farah Nasser’s maiden voyage


In some aspects, Leslie Roberts had it easy being a solo anchor.

No silly banter to worry about. Banter is hard. Look at any stilted, bug-eyed celebrity reading off a cue card at the Academy Awards; and they’re supposed to be the profession­als.

Global’s new anchors Farah Nasser and Alan Carter, in that sense, did a bang-up job when they debuted Monday evening. Nasser’s warmth is a nice counterpoi­nt to the mostly grim-faced Carter.

Carter is at his best asking prickly questions at Queen’s Park as opposed to forced jocularity. And when he gets a little too ranty talking about Conservati­ve government giveaways, Nasser seems to smooth things over.

Global problemati­cally decided to lead off with the sauciest as opposed to the strongest story of the day.

The hacking of the Ashley Madison website led into a too long and pointless streeter about infidelity. It was perhaps an effort to be part of the larger social media conversati­on, but it ended up pandering to the viewer rather than leading with the more solid Ottawa child care benefit story.

The hour-long news cast had stories on the Pan Am Games, gridlock in the GTA and apartment safety issues. It also relied on correspond­ents from Entertainm­ent Tonight Canada to get some celebrity click bait up high.

The debut show also featured a “Know Your Anchor Game” that had the two hosts quizzing each other on their personal lives.

The most scary moment of the night? That’s Nasser rapping WuTang Clang. Overall, though, a good debut, poor rapping skills excluded.

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