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Each crokinole match has two players, and each person’s goal is to flick his or her first puck into the centre hole, a feat worth 20 points. If the puck doesn’t hit the hole and remains on the board, the opposing player must flick his or her puck and touch the other player’s puck; failing that, the second player’s puck is taken off the board.

At the end of the round, the players count how many of their pucks are left on the board, with those closest to the centre earning more points. They play as many rounds as it takes for one player to reach 100 points, the winning threshold.

It’s harder than it sounds. Each player has his or her own flicking technique.

Some gently poke the puck with their index finger toward the centre and let momentum do the rest. Others lock and load with their thumb and middle finger, then smash the puck across the polished wood, eliciting a sharp clack when it hits the opponent’s piece. Beginners often aim for the centre but have their puck rebuffed by the rubber posts that ring the centre hole like a defensive wall.

Sometimes the pucks lie at such an angle that the player must stretch around the board for a good shot while remaining seated (no standing allowed).

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