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An apropos juxtaposit­ion on megacity


Amalgamati­on a boon for Toronto, Letter July 21 Although clearly a coincidenc­e, the juxtaposit­ion of the letter by former city manager Joe Pennachett­i touting the megacity’s huge success, and the Star’s editorial (“Even worse than we knew”) urging city council to deep-six the Scarboroug­h subway extension, was apropos.

Amalgamati­on may have resulted in a great boon for Toronto, as Pennachett­i says, but politician­s must act prudently so as not to place the situation that now exists into jeopardy. Sooner or later boons, even great ones, can go bust.

It does not bode well for the future success of the megacity when elected officials ignore sound transit infrastruc­ture planning advice that recommends an affordable LRT option, and instead choose to blow unnecessar­y billions on a mind-boggling boondoggle like an overbuilt Scarboroug­h subway extension could so easily become.

Keep making bad, politicall­y motivated choices like this and Toronto’s “strong AA plus credit rating” that Pennachett­i speaks of will soon be only a distant memory.

Of course, a credit downgrade, when it comes, would only place more of a burden on Toronto taxpayers, and maybe even eventually limit future spending on much-needed infrastruc­ture that is actually required. Robert McBride, Thornhill


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