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Who are Mayor John Tory’s most loyal allies and staunchest council foes? We crunched the numbers for 13 key votes this term (and discounted two others for which Tory himself was absent.) Frances Nunziata: The veteran York—South Weston politician was a staunch Rob Ford ally and his scrappy council speaker. Some were surprised when she retained that post under Tory, but she is among eight councillor­s who voted with the mayor 100 per cent of the time in 13 key votes. Rob Ford: No surprise that Ford hardly ever votes with Tory. The ex-mayor has declared he will run against Tory in 2018. The Etobicoke councillor voted with Tory only 23 per cent of the time, voted against him 46 per cent of the time and was absent for 31 per cent of 13 key votes. Denzil Minnan-Wong: Tory’s deputy mayor voted with him 92 per cent of the time, and against him once, in our 13 key votes. The conservati­ve executive member is bending to support the mayor on issues including poverty reduction. But he has stepped out on items including his opposition to a casino at Woodbine. Michael Thompson: He is officially a Tory ally as economic developmen­t chair and executive committee member. He voted with the mayor 62 per cent of the time, against him 15 per cent of the time and was absent for 23 per cent of 13 key votes. Janet Davis: She is a veteran member of council’s left-leaning faction and a strong advocate for social services. Still, at 54 per cent, she has voted with Tory more than against him in 13 key votes. Her goodwill is likely to wane next year when more contentiou­s issues come to council.

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