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Ford Mustang


Base price: $25,899

Price as tested: $25,899 There was a time when the base version of a muscle car was the proverbial 98-pound weakling. But the V6 Mustang has enough power to back up the coupe’s pony car style.

We like: Unexpected­ly practical, the Mustang has a real back seat and ample trunk space for a weeklong road trip.

We’d like: A V6 that isn’t as thirsty when driven around town Engine: 3.7-litre V6

Power/torque: 300 hp/280 lb-ft Fuel consumptio­n (L/100 km): 13.6 city, 8.4 hwy.

What’s best: Even casual observers know you are driving the original pony car.

What’s worst: 300 hp is great, but requires frequent stops at the pumps.

Value for money: The Mustang is a real-deal sports coupe for a reasonable price.

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