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Price: $45,595 Add-ons: $1,535 (freight & PDI), $200 (pearl paint charge), taxes, licensing Type: Full-size luxury sedan Propulsion: Front-engine, frontwheel drive Cargo: 451 L Tow-rating: N/A Engine: 3.3-litre V6 Transmissi­on: 6-speed automatic Power/torque: 293 / 255 Fuel consumptio­n (city/hwy. L/100 km): 12.7 / 8.4, regular fuel Brakes: 320 mm (front, vented disc), 284 mm (rear, solid disc) Tires: P245/40R19, all-season Competitio­n: Chevrolet Impala, Chrysler 300, Hyundai Genesis What’s best: Comfortabl­e, wellequipp­ed interior, smooth power delivery, sharp exterior styling What’s worst: No all-wheel drive Most interestin­g: Side mirrors fold up (as well as in) when the doors lock Looks: Clean, handsome lines and prominent Tiger Nose grille make the Cadenza a sharp-looking car Interior Spacious, comfortabl­e and well-finished, with a very high level of kit Performanc­e Not for stoplight showdowns, perhaps, but the 3.3-litre V6 and six-speed automatic are great for passing and zipping through traffic

Technology In Tech trim, the Cadenza has just about everything you could want: high-end audio, navigation, backup camera and loads of collision mitigation tech

What you will like about this car: The value propositio­n — it delivers a lot of performanc­e, style, technology and safety for the money What you won’t like about this car: Not much, but the lack of allwheel drive stands out. Would be a nice feature to have in a climate as harsh as ours

Rating: The Kia Cadenza is deserving of a much higher profile. It’s refined, powerful, comfortabl­e and very well-equipped, especially in Tech trim — and all for a reasonable price. In the world of mid-level luxury, you’d be hard pressed to do better Scores: 8.5/10


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