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Fifty of the 371 people listed as “unidentifi­ed” on Resolve Initiative website were found in Toronto. Here are some of the cases. May 13, 2014 — male, 32 to 54 years old The body of a black adult male was found inside a tent in a wooded area near Cherry St. and Unwin Ave. It’s estimated he’d been dead for up to a year before his body was found. Also found in the tent was a tube of Colgate toothpaste, a toothbrush, nail clippers, masking tape, a yellow lighter, a screwdrive­r, scissors, pliers, bed sheets, pillows, a towel, empty bottles of Labatt Blue beer, a bottle of Johnnie Walker Red Label whisky and a 2L bottle of Pepsi. A black Neil Young North American Tour 2008 T-shirt was also found neatly folded beside his body. May 18, 1969 — male, mid-20s In the oldest case listed on the website, a man was found hanging in Room 523 of the King Edward Hotel on 37 King St. E., just east of Victoria St. He had checked in under the name “Henry Drendorf” but no identifica­tion was found on him. He had $525 in his wallet and several bags of architectu­ral books with him. April 11, 1982 — female, 35 to 50 years old A woman’s body was found floating in the Toronto Inner Harbour near the Royal Canadian Yacht Club’s Island Clubhouse. It’s estimated she’d been in the water anywhere from several weeks to months. She was found wearing a gold-coloured watch, blue pants and shirt, knee-high stockings and a bra. Her gallbladde­r had been removed and she had a healed fractured collarbone. Nov. 5, 1990 — male, 18 to 25 years old The body of a white male was found at the Bloor-Yonge subway station with “traumatic injury.” He had blue eyes, brown, wavy shoulder-length hair and was wearing glasses, a black-and-grey pinstripe suit jacket, a black-and-white horizontal-stripe knit sweater, a white, thick knit sweater, a blue long-sleeve shirt with vertical stripes, black or blue Levi’s jeans and a white running shoe. He was found with a bicycle chain bracelet on his right wrist, a Maxell cassette tape, a brass ring, a TTC pass and $70 in cash. He had small scars on both his wrists, the back of his left hand and on both sides of his neck. Dec. 26, 1976 — male, 55 to 60 years old The body of a white male was found in an abandoned blue van in the Gerrard St. E. and Broadview Ave. area. He had hazel/grey eyes, long grey hair, a three-inch-long grey beard, few teeth and weighed only 108 lb. He was “markedly malnourish­ed, very dirty and heavily infested with lice;” locals said he had lived under the bridge at the foot of Blackburn St. for the past 15 years and local children knew him as “old Billy.”

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