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Tayyab Jafar’s remarkable recovery just the beginning


Re The resurrecti­on, Feb. 19 I read Mary Ormsby’s story on Tayyab Jafar with an unsettling feeling. As remarkable as his recovery from the overdose and hypothermi­a is, I can’t help but feel that the true recovery this young man faces is ahead of him.

The critical mental illness that Tayyab has will require a lifelong commitment to learning the tools and maintenanc­e to stay out of a very dark place. Stating that he now sees a psychiatri­st once a month and is returning to Queen’s University skates over the truth of what he actually is experienci­ng. The boy has gone through hell and likely still is.

We have to be more honest in our coverage and our discussion­s about mental illness. In Tayyab’s case, it is clearly far more critical than the hypothermi­a he recovered from. Kristen Hutchison, Toronto The Jafar story is one of the best pieces I’ve read in the Star for a while. Very good research and writing. Way to go! Bruce Nagy, Toronto

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