Toronto Star

Sousa’s crystal ball


Re Ontario’s budget deficit drops to $1.9 billion,

Feb. 21 Ontario is still running a deficit, yet it seems the provincial Liberals and Finance Minister Charles Sousa are now attempting to receive accolades for “finally stanching the bleeding of red ink.”

Ontario is still running a deficit. Anyone not using Liberal math can see that. And the projection­s for next year of a surplus budget? Why didn’t the finance minister use his new crystal ball to prevent and/or minimize his huge past deficits?

Ontario has for some time now been the most indebted sub-sovereign government in the world, yet the Star seems to want to offer kudos because “Ontario’s budget deficit drops to $1.9 billion”?

Scandal heaped upon scandal costing Ontario taxpayers billions and billions of dollars? The headline should have been: “Incompeten­t Ontario government still can’t get it right.” Shameful. J. Brunins, Britt, Ont.

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