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Rapper Cupcakke offers fan help


Chicago rapper Cupcakke typically grabs attention with her sexually explicit lyrics, but the South Side native was in the spotlight last week for reaching out to a fan who said he was kicked out of his home because he’s gay.

“Need a hotel?” Cupcakke asked the fan on Twitter. “Ask someone you (know) that has an ID that’s over 21 to check you in with (their) ID at the hotel and I can pay for it over the phone.”

The fan, who said he is 17 years old, thanked Cupcakke for the “kindness and support,” but opted to stay with a friend. The 19-year-old rapper, born Elizabeth Harris, told the Tribune she was surprised the interactio­n, which was picked up by the popular Musicnews_feed Twitter account and BuzzFeed, received so much attention.

“This is just me. I don’t do stuff for social media. When I see someone homeless on the street, I try to help them out,” she said.

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