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Demand for energy is growing globally and in Canada, and advocates are calling for sustainabl­e energy solutions with a low environmen­tal impact. Nuclear energy has long been identified a clean, reliable and affordable alternativ­e to fossil fuel – it is also an area where Canada has long assumed a leadership role. Most of the country’s 19 reactors are in Ontario, where they meet approximat­ely 59 per cent of daily electricit­y needs. This infrastruc­ture provides a strong foundation for meeting the province’s future energy needs. Refurbishm­ents are among the measures that ensure reactors continue to play an integral role in generating safe and clean electricit­y across Ontario for the next 25 to 30 years. The midlife refurbishm­ent of OPG’s CANDU reactors at Darlington, which started in October 2016, will maximize the lifespan of the facility through a process of inspecting, replacing and updating key components. Darlington’s features and technology that allow it to operate reliably and predictabl­y make it an ideal candidate for refurbishm­ent. It also has one of the best safety records of any nuclear facility operating in the world today, and is recognized as one of the top performing nuclear plants.

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