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Re Madonna teeters dan­ger­ously to­ward a nov­elty bur­lesque act, April 11 Jo­hanna Sch­neller writes: “I wish that in­stead of cling­ing to old no­tions of ‘hot­ness,’ you had showed us a new way for­ward, em­brac­ing that 55 is not 35 and shouldn’t be. Your light show is cut­ting edge. But your at­ti­tude — ‘Look how young I still ap­pear!’ — is the op­po­site of evolved.”

Se­ri­ously? That’s not Madonna’s at­ti­tude. And she can do what­ever she wants and not suc­cumb to any stereo­typed vi­sion of how cer­tain ages should look and act. Madonna has dance mu­sic and she has more se­ri­ous, artis­tic mu­sic. Fans like both. I went to the show and was thor­oughly en­ter­tained. It re­ceived great re­views.

Jo­hanna Sch­neller has a right to her opin­ion but it makes your pub­li­ca­tion ageist and judg­men­tal by as­so­ci­a­tion. We should cel­e­brate an artist who loves what she does and is still wildly cre­ative. Not bash her. Drew Barnard, Toronto

I’m not a fan of Madonna, but it seems that Ms. Sch­neller’s com­ment is ageist when she writes, “Madonna dis­ap­pears to change her costume and, I imag­ine, rub Tiger balm on her aching joints while chug­ging Ga­torade.”

Ms. Sch­neller as­sumes that peo­ple older than 55 have weak bones. I’m 71, and don’t feel any aching joints, even af­ter I work out, which in­cludes weightlift­ing. Delia Con­tr­eras, Brampton

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