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Three Parts House is a fabulous family home, both functional and beautiful, which suits our lifestyle perfectly. We love the generous-sized rooms, the natural light and all the architectu­ral design features.

The concrete stairs are a particular favourite of ours. Even on a gloomy day, there’s generous natural light provided by the Linit glass in the stairwell. The stairs can be admired from the master bedroom, the main corridor, the upstairs landing, the courtyard and the living area. When the Linit “lantern” is lit at night, the stairs are even further highlighte­d.

Three Parts House really comes into its own when we’re entertaini­ng. The long bench in the study becomes extra seating when we’re enjoying Christmas lunch with our extended family, or it easily converts to a bar area if we’re hosting a larger group. And, of course, we can open the sliding glass doors to the courtyard and the north-facing backyard, creating a lovely flowthroug­h effect with the garden complement­ing the indoor spaces.

Three Parts House is a joy to live in.

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