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Oprah might be what America needs


Re President Oprah? It has a nice wrong to it, Menon, Jan 9 When I was a little, while my friends would want to play after school, I would instead race home to watch Oprah. I never missed an episode and she became the mother I wished I had after my own mother was killed by a drunk driver when I was 7. Her ability to overcome her difficult circumstan­ces and become the giant she is today served as an inspiratio­n for me to push through my own struggles and chart my path forward.

I’m now grateful for her influence in breaking through the glass ceilings, which allows me to be a woman working in the maledomina­ted tech sector. Within that premise, and within the backdrop of the #MeToo movement of Sunday’s Golden Globes, I find myself offended by your column.

To suggest that Oprah is nothing more than “inclusive, thoughtful, empathetic, decent, generous, emotionall­y and cognitivel­y stable” is both short-sighted and sexist.

You are failing to consider that she both managed and owned her production company, that her entreprene­urial skills have allowed her to build her magazine, her OWN channel and build a school for young girls in Africa, all of which are very tangible skills that can easily be transferre­d to the political arena.

That you chose to only focus on her skills as a brilliant speaker and journalist in your argument against her credential­s as a potential future president is troublesom­e, given this age of women’s empowermen­t. From where I stand, you’re on the wrong side of our history in the making. Andrea Vahan, Toronto

When I first read this column, I thought it made good points. But then I googled “Who was the best United States President?” and the answer turned out to be former actor Ronald Reagan. William Phillips, Toronto

There is no doubt that Oprah has a brilliant creative and incisive mind, incredible oratory skills, entrenched liberal values and a generous heart. But she lacks political experience.

Senator Elizabeth Warren would be an ideal president, but lacks the charisma to capture the needed votes.

But a Warren-Winfrey ticket would be unbeatable. I think the U.S. is ready for that and the world needs it. Elka Enola, Oakville


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