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Face mask protects others from flu germs, not you


Re ‘Unusual’ flu season has yet to hit its peak, according to health experts, Jan. 9

With the arrival of the flu season and concerns about the Aussie Flu, which is not covered by the 17-18 vaccine, I see recommenda­tions about wearing masks. They do have a function, but masks do not protect the wearers from others, they protect others from the wearer.

If you have the virus, the mask will trap some of the viruses going out from you. They do not stop the viruses from other less-considerat­e people getting in to you. So if you are sniffly or sneezing, be a good neighbour and wear a mask. Dr. Michael Moreton, Toronto

The only certainty regarding the effect of the flu vaccine is that considerab­le public money is dispensed to vaccine, syringe and needle manufactur­ers, not to mention purveyors of vaccine promotion and injections. Perhaps, next year’s vaccine might best be left to naturopath­s. Their guess as to what strain may work would be as good as anyone’s. Douglas L. Martin, Hamilton

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