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Deregulati­on is no way to keep ordinary folk safe


Let’s connect the dots in Ontario’s experience (of deregulati­on and self-regulation).

In 2000, we had poorly overseen and cashstrang­led provincial water inspection­s, and then came Walkerton, a disaster that sickened 2,000 and killed six.

Likewise, wheels flew off trucks after freight industry deregulati­on, with numerous deaths resulting. Similarly, our government reduced inspection of for-profit nursing homes and, by June, we lost 1,465 residents to COVID-19. Now, the Conservati­ves are limiting nursing-home companies’ liability. Deaths are soaring again.

Also, in Bill 229, the Conservati­on Authority oversight protecting Ontarians from flooding has been dismantled under developmen­t industry pressure. We can expect flood drownings and tainted water to ensue.

Self-policing in safety contexts leads to excess deaths, but the Ford government has learned nothing about protecting ordinary folk, nor does it care to do so.

Roger Suffling, Kitchener, Ont.

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