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Diseases jump from animals to humans due to habitat loss


Re Crombie quits as Greenbelt chairman, Dec. 6

The mass resignatio­n of members of Doug Ford’s Greenbelt Council is a wake-up call for the public to protest impending changes to Schedule 6 of Bill 229.

Does anyone really understand why we are in this pandemic mess in the first place?

I urge everyone; decision-makers, policymake­rs and the public at large to view the recent airing of W5’s report on bats, called “The Host.”

Every country in the world is guilty of raping natural habitats for Big Developmen­t, which results in native species being displaced and increases the likelihood of zoonoses (infectious disease caused by a pathogen that has jumped from an animal to a human) spreading deadly disease.

Lorraine Waller, East Gwillimbur­y, Ont.

I sent this letter to Ontario’s minister of municipal affairs and housing, Steve Clark.

“Minister Clark, your blatant abuse of your power to grant minister's zoning orders ( MZOs) with no regard to environmen­tal concerns or the will of local population­s is very disturbing. I heard you on the news the other day commenting on the mass resignatio­n of members of the Greenbelt council. You said, in so many words, that they weren’t doing anything to expand the Greenbelt anyways, so good riddance. Meanwhile, after 35 MZOs and counting, you seem to be doing the bidding of your developer friends and are reducing any ability to expand the Greenbelt on your own.

“Do you have any idea what flood plains are for or the purpose of wetlands in watersheds?

“Stop this recklessne­ss now! Or better still resign, so that a minister with better values and appreciati­on for the stewardshi­p of the land can be appointed. What you are doing is not fooling anyone.”

Ian McCrae, Port Hope, Ont.

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