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Let citizens benefit from CRA’s CERB mistake


Prime Minister Trudeau stated in the House that the government doesn’t wish to punish those who made an “honest mistake,” in applying for CERB. But the fact is, CRA made the mistake, not the self-employed people who applied. The simplest, and likely most financiall­y prudent, course of action for the government over the CERB self-employment disaster would be to allow those who applied to keep the money. Many who read the forms are artists, seniors, stay-at-home parents, single mothers or people with a disability. Much of the CERB funds were likely spent in the community, which was a win for small business. To ask for payback now is to place a huge burden on those who can afford it least and will trigger social, mental, financial and family hardship. Those costs will far outweigh any benefit derived from CERB clawback.

Alison Griffiths, Milton, Ont.

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