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Delivering life right to your door

Subscripti­on services can get your home running like clockwork,


This all started with a friend’s tweet for help.

He’s juggling parenthood and pandemic home-office life and wondered “aloud” on Twitter if it was possible to get regular deliveries for all the essentials we’re always running out of: milk, bread, eggs and, of course, wine.

He asked: “Can you run your life, more or less, like clockwork with the right combinatio­n of subscripti­ons?”

Since he’s got enough on his plate, I decided to find out for him. And, since I know he would want to support as many local independen­ts as possible, I made a few rules for the game — no Amazon, no Skip the Dishes and no Uber Eats.

There’s a reason big tech is so big on the subscripti­on model. It’s a steady, predictabl­e revenue stream that makes it easier to plan for the future. If we could redirect some of our subscripti­on money to a local mom and pop shop, that would not only save you time and cut out some unnecessar­y trips to stores, it would also support the local economy, which is struggling.

Plus, some of these make great last-minute gifts.

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