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NFB giving voice to more diversity


The National Film Board of Canada has released a longawaite­d new strategic plan

whose goals include increased funding for production and ensuring as many voices as possible get to express themselves.

The NFB says it also wants to focus on diversity and inclusion, gender parity and Indigenous reconcilia­tion in the 2020-23 plan.

NFB commission­er Claude Joli-Coeur says the plan is a response to feedback the film board received from industry creators.

The plan was originally meant to be released in 2019, but the board postponed it for further consultati­on. A group of more than 250 freelance directors know as ONF/NFB Creation said at the time not enough money was being put into filmmaking.

Joli-Coeur said the board agreed with them that “production money has been eroding over the years,” but the NFB was unable to catch up from big funding cuts in 1997 and 10 per cent cuts under the federal Conservati­ves.

The new plan vows to put more money into production regardless of whether the NFB

receives additional government funding by finding savings elsewhere or entering into partnershi­ps with other organizati­ons.

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