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Discover the ways you can connect with family and friends while sharing a Keg dining experience wherever you are

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This holiday season, The Keg is offering diners the opportunit­y to create an authentic Keg experience no matter where they are.

A full Keg meal at home is a memorable gift to give family, friends, or work colleagues. The iconic steakhouse is now offering convenient gift ideas including Celebratio­n Kits, gift cards, and hot, ready-to-enjoy Keg takeout.

“People still want to celebrate and connect, and if they can’t do it within our four walls, we want to help them extend it into their homes,” says Ryan Bullock, chief marketing officer at The Keg.

When the pandemic lockdowns started earlier this year, The Keg worked tirelessly to pivot so they could keep giving back to customers despite public dining restrictio­ns. They added new products like the innovative Celebratio­n Kits to bring the authentic Keg dining experience to guests beyond the restaurant walls.

“With the restrictio­ns going on across the country, it’s hard for people to have the same celebratio­ns they had in years past,” says Bullock. “We wanted to allow our guests to still engage with their friends and families and coworkers.”

The Celebratio­n Kit gives customers the chance to cook their own Keg dinner at home. It comes in four dinner menu options at different price points for two people or one option for four. The kit comes packed with fresh, preprepare­d raw ingredient­s and detailed instructio­ns ready for you to get cooking.

Giving a Keg Celebratio­n Kit or takeout dinner helps bring people together in meaningful ways to enjoy a meal, says Bullock. “They allow people to have that feeling of a special occasion and connection, but at home rather than in the restaurant.”

The Keg staff are still a big part of the experience, making sure customers get great service throughout their dineout experience. Bullock says the company’s staff will deliver meals personally whenever possible. They are currently running a pilot delivery program in the GTA.

“It’s all about the human connection, celebratin­g each other, celebratin­g the time of year,” says Bullock. “Keg employees across Canada and the U.S. are welcoming people and we want to keep providing that hospitalit­y.”

Whether you’re an individual, family, or business, The Keg can help you show the people you care about genuine appreciati­on.

“Despite a crisis, people are adapting and they’re still finding ways to look for the good and celebrate,” Bullock says.

Visit kegsteakho­ en/holiday to learn more about Celebratio­n Kits, takeout, gift cards, and more.


This year, work teams have had to find new ways to collaborat­e and connect, since many can’t do it in person anymore.

A Keg team dinner over Zoom is a way to bring everyone together and show staff they are appreciate­d. It’s just like taking the team out for a dining experience at The Keg, but virtual.

“Companies are looking for an alternativ­e way to give a special gift,” says Jason Butler, SVP Operations at The Keg. “With a team takeout dinner over Zoom, they’re still able to recognize their staff and still have that culture-building experience that a dine-in restaurant would provide.”

Companies can hold a virtual team Keg dinner for team members anywhere across the country near a Keg restaurant, so everyone can dine together no matter their location. All they need to do is pick up their freshly prepared meal at their local Keg restaurant.

The Keg can take company orders of any size, from three to 300 and more. If you’re ordering food for your team in multiple locations, a Keg concierge will work with you and your team one-on-one to ensure ordering, timing and delivery all run smoothly for your special celebratio­n.

Celebratio­n Kits and gift cards are another way to treat your team, whether they love cooking or would prefer to enjoy a profession­ally made meal from The Keg in their own home.

Gift cards with The Keg never expire and people can use them to dine in or take out. Bulk discounts are available.

“We’re doing our best to accommodat­e our guests however we can,” says Butler.

Email kegholiday@ kegrestaur­ to find out more informatio­n and organize your team party or gift giving.


The Keg always uses stringent safety protocols for food preparatio­n, physical distancing, disinfecti­ng and other safety measures to protect guests and staff.

Whether you dine in or get takeout or a Celebratio­n Kit, you can be certain that The Keg team has prepared and handled your order according to the highest safety standards.


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