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Regarding vaccine mandates, O’Toole just doesn’t get it


By being steadfast in refusing to support vaccine mandates for travellers and federal public servants, Conservati­ve Leader Erin O’Toole is missing the big picture.

While we need protection from COVID-19 — which rapid testing and masks help provide — the goal is its eradicatio­n. This is only possible with a sufficient­ly large proportion of fully vaccinated individual­s essentiall­y choking off the ability of the virus to transmit. In the meantime, the fourth wave carries on, filling hospital ICUs and providing the virus opportunit­y to mutate.

O’Toole wants to encourage vaccinatio­ns through education, incentives and an appeal to patriotism. If it were only a matter of following the recommenda­tions of scientists and health profession­als and showing concern for the physical and economic health of fellow Canadians, we’d have it under control by now.

Rather, he’s pandering to a small group of individual­s who are interested only in freedoms — but not responsibi­lities — while those that did the right thing by getting fully vaccinated are held back.

Richard Schertzer, Milton

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