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Anti-vaxxers’ irrational behaviour is dangerous


Re I’m fed up with anti-vaxxers and politician­s too afraid

to get tough with them, Sept. 8

The recent irrational behaviour by ‘freedomfor-me-but-the-hell-with-you’ activists indicates something is being missed in the interpreta­tion of the charter, namely, the duty of each individual not to act in a selfish manner that is detrimenta­l to the rights and freedoms of others. Anti-vaxxers have the right to assemble peacefully and express their opinions but they should not infringe on the rights of others by spreading virulent viruses, harassing health workers, dispensing hazardous misinforma­tion, overburden­ing our health system, delaying the return to ‘normalcy’ and/or acting like badass bullies.

Living in a democracy is not all about enjoying personal rights and freedoms — it’s also about obligation­s and responsibi­lities. Not being harmed medically, physically, financiall­y or mentally is one of the cornerston­es of a civil society. Apparently some fanatical anti-vaxxers couldn’t care less.

Lloyd Atkins, Vernon. B.C.

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