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Pausing extracurri­culars makes absolutely zero sense


Re ‘It has a big impact’: Toronto students upset as extracurri­culars suspended, while Peel, Durham, York go ahead, Sept. 9

Well, the optimism surroundin­g the return to school lasted less than one day in the city of Toronto. Once again the office of Toronto medical officer of health Eileen DeVilla has wielded it’s trusty lockdown sledgehamm­er with a blanket shutdown of school sports and extracurri­cular activities before they even got started.

Is there nobody in the TPH with a creative bone in their body? Has it occurred to any of them that there may be solutions to these kinds of questions other than total prohibitio­n? How about requiring proof of vaccinatio­n as a prerequisi­te for participat­ion in high school sports? Maybe even proof of the parents’ vaccinatio­n status if it’s their health that’s the concern.

Every other public health unit in the GTA has shown today that they’re prepared to consider another way. DeVilla just seems bereft of ideas and our youth are the ones to suffer once more. Alan Jones, Toronto

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