Toronto Star

Raves for ‘Dune’; box office awaits


Canadian filmmaker Denis Villeneuve says he’s relieved to see many rave reviews for his sci-fi epic “Dune” on the festival circuit, but the real test will be how it performs in theatres next month.

The highly anticipate­d adaptation of Frank Herbert’s 1965 novel had a world exclusive IMAX screening at the Toronto Internatio­nal Film Festival on Saturday after its recent premiere in Venice. Villeneuve doesn’t want to celebrate until he hears the box-office results when “Dune” hits Canadian and U.S. theatres on Oct. 22.

The sprawling interstell­ar story of warring families stars Timothée Chalamet as the protagonis­t anti-hero and Rebecca Ferguson as his mother. Oscar Isaac plays his father, who oversees a dangerous desert planet containing the most valuable item in the universe. The Canadian Press

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